Save (a lot) of money on entertainment!

Save (a lot) of money on entertainment!

Entertainment isn't particulary cheap. So we prepared this guide for you to save (a lot) of money on entertainment!

I think we can all agree, that the part we like the most about spending money, is for "buying" quality time. So this could be the hardest area for making cuts, but we can start with five basic principles for adopting this new money-saving life style:

1. Watch movies at home instead of going to the cinema 

You could make some popcorns or a delicious dinner, prepare the perfect room where you feel more comfortable, and choose the movie of your preference. There's several web sites on the Internet where you can watch movies online or download them, like Netflix,,

2. Save money when you go on a date

You need to be mindful about how much money you spend eating outside and also doing any other type of recreational activity. I know it's a lot of fun but, you might think what activities you can do from home, and which ones you can't. Making dinner at home is always a perfectly good plan!

3. Cancel online suscriptions you don't use: 

If you go through all online services you are suscribed to, check the ones that you really use, and cancel which ones you don't, I'm sure you'll be saving some money you can put to another use.

4. Reduce your internet bill:

Maybe you won't have the faster Internet connection, but if you change your internet bill, that extra money will go straight to your wallet, and in any case, you'll still have functional access for anything you need.

5. Don't spend too much on gifts: 

Save yourself a little money by don't buying expensive gifts for everyone. They'll certainly understand and be glad just to share some time with you. Besides that, you can make some nice and simple presents by yourself at home, there are so many ideas for handmade gifts and you'll probably enjoy this elaboration process.

So every time you apply these kinds of tips in distincts areas of your life, you will feel the money-saving difference, you will want to learn more about this life style and project how you want to use all your saved money.

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