Save 30% on groceries and help eliminate food waste!

Did you know that tons of edible food goes to waste every day, because of simply shallow reasons? You can take advantage of this and buy it through this amazing company.

Imperfect Foods was born in 2015 with a solid goal: to build a better food system for everyone by eliminating food waste. They simultaneously help producers, consumers and, well, the planet. You can buy all sorts of healthy, seasonal products that are qualified as “imperfect” and therefore rejected by grocery stores. Compared to store prices, they charge up to 30% less!

There are different reasons why food might be considered “imperfect”. Maybe some fruits and vegetables don’t look as good on the outside as stores expect them to do. This doesn’t mean that they taste bad!

There’s also possible that many products don’t qualify the specifications set by the buyers because they get light bumps or cracks during the harvesting or packaging process. Imperfect Foods rescues these products, which are perfectly good to eat but aren’t as aesthetically pleasing.

Many stores refrain from stocking products whose expiration date is near. They’re called “short-coded” and usually go to waste. You can choose from a list of 30 to 40 produce items and 160 grocery staples on a weekly basis.

You can customize your weekly grocery list with both organic and traditional products. You’ll receive a text when they’re delivered at your doorstep. If you want to know whether this company delivers in your state, enter your ZIP code on their website.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Imperfect Foods may experience some delivery delays, but they’re following all sanitary procedures in order to cover the high demands. They’ve taken some extra safety measures, such as not ringing your bell and not receiving back any Imperfect boxes, which they encourage customers to recycle.

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