Ring recalls 350,000 smart devices due to fire risk

Ring LLC, the home security and smart home company owned by Amazon is recalling a series of one of its most popular products for presenting a fire hazard. Find out if you have one at home.  

If you recently purchased a Ring video doorbell, pay attention as over 350,000 smart video devices are being recalled due to potential fire and burn hazards.

The recall is for the second-generation Ring device, which is numbered 5UM5E5, according to a notice posted Tuesday on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website.

The document points out that the device's battery can overheat when the wrong screws are used for its installation, causing a risk of fire and burns.

The defective devices were sold in electronics and home goods stores nationwide and through the Amazon.com and Ring.com portal between June and October 2020 for approximately $ 100.

The company has received 85 reports of incidents caused by the use of incorrect bolts, 23 of them report fire and minor property damage and eight of them report minor burns, but Ring has placed an announcement on its website. noting that "if the doorbell is installed correctly, there is no risk for consumers."

"We have worked and continue to work cooperatively with the CPSC on this issue and contacted customers who purchased a second-generation Ring Video Doorbell to ensure they received the updated user manual and follow the device installation instructions," he says. Ring's statement. "Customers don't need to return their devices."

No other Ring models have been affected, the company says.

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