Retailers that will pay you to recycle your old stuff

There are some stores that want you to recycle and, as a way of encouraging you, they will pay you to hand over old stuff.

Recycling requires some extra work, but if you get the right incentive, you might get going. If being more environmentally conscious is not incentive enough, don’t worry. Some companies will pay you to recycle. Here’s a list of some of them:

1-    AT&T

Don’t you hate it when you accumulate old phones or tablets? If you do, the AT&T Trade-In Program is the option you’re looking for: it will let you safely recycle these electronic devices in exchange for an AT&T promotions card. Folks at AT&T will assess the value of your old device and give you credit in that amount, up to $150.

2-    Best Buy

It is easy to recycle old electronics with Best Buy. And it is also worthwhile. For example, if you turn in an old HP printer, you get a 15% discount on the purchase of a new HP printer. You can check Best Buy’s Current Promotions page to see the most up-to-date deals!

3-    H&M

If you open your closet only to find there’s a bunch of clothes you no longer use, throw everything in a bag and head to the closes H&M store, as every H&M store around the world participates in the retailer’s recycling program. They will accept clothes of any brand and in any condition in exchange for a discount card for 15% off your next in-store purchase.

4-    Madewell

We tend to keep jeans that no longer fit for years, in the hope that they will fit again. But you know what? It’s about time to use those old jeans as leverage to get a discount on a new pair. Madewell will let you donate old denim for a $20 off full-priced Madewell branded jeans.

5-    Microsoft

Old electronics can also be dropped off at any Microsoft store. They will evaluate your old gear, whether it is a laptop, a phone, tablet or gaming console for free. If the item still has value, you will get store credit to upgrade to a new Microsoft device.

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