Drake's outfit Drake's outfit

"Recreating Drake's $1 million outfit for only $250"

Try to recreate the outfit of one of the world's richest superstars with these tips, and spend as little as $250, not even a tenth!

Drake is the third highest-paid act in hip-hop, earning $75 million in 2020. And his entire net worth is comprised of real estate, being an ambassador for his beloved Toronto Raptors, his OVO umbrella company comprised of his label, clothing line, and radio station, and his famed and lucrative deal with Nike's Jordan brand that lead to the infamous line "checks over stripes" on Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode."

Drake has proven to own some of the most expensive outfits in the celebrity world, with outfits totaling up to $979,000. The music superstar showed off just one of his lavish outfits in a special OVO edition of The Unknown Vlogs’ “How Much Is Your Outfit?” series, which valued in total reached that amount.

Check out this video to see if you can look as good and expensive as Drake, without spending that million dollars:


If you want to see more Teaching Men Fashion videos, here's his YouTube Channel.

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