Pour Moi pays almost $400 to wear pajamas Pour Moi pays almost $400 to wear pajamas

Pour Moi pays almost $400 to wear pajamas and watch Netflix

Loungewear company Pour Moi is looking for testers for their pajamas.

Imagine that your workload consists of wearing pajamas all day and watch Netflix… wouldn’t it be the best job ever? 

People always say "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life," but everyone knows that it is very difficult. Only a few make a killing with a band or playing soccer professionally or becoming an artist. But what if there was a job in which you get paid to watch Netflix and wear pajamas?

That’s a real job, believe it or not. Loungewear company Pour Moi is looking for candidates to test out some of its new products and is willing to compensate those testers accordingly. The company will pay a solid $39 per hour to the employees for ten hours a day which they can complete not necessarily in one sitting but distributed over four weeks and the paycheck will be at the end of the month.

There are certain requirements Pour Moi asks their applicants to do, certain “tasks” while wearing its new range of loungewear. Employees will have to watch three episodes of their favorite TV show from their sofa or bed, enjoy a glass of wine or mug of hot chocolate on the sofa, make a hot drink, and scroll through social media for at least ten minutes. Very difficult… right?

Once the ten hours of loungewear wearing has been completed, the testers will need to complete a survey detailing their experiences before receiving payment. Applications are being taken right now via the Pour Moi website. What are you waiting for? You won’t have to wait to finish your work hours to watch your favorite TV show… 

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