Pandemic habits that are worth keeping

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of trouble to our daily lives. But let’s focus on those little bright sides, for a change.

In the last few months we’ve seen many things change. For starters, we are staying home a lot more, we’ve stopped seeing our friends and family as much as we used to, we try to keep social distance, and we have to wear masks. Just to name a few. 

Some changes, however, are less related to physical or material changes, but are more related to the way we think or approach things. And some of those changes are worth keeping, even beyond this pandemic. Here are some examples:

Stay stocked up for emergencies

Remember when this all started? The main worry everyone had was running out of toilet paper. And this has made many people realized that Boy Scouts were actually right: you have to always be prepared.
Not only in case of a pandemic (let’s all hope we don’t have to go through this ever again), but there other natural disasters that could (and will) happen. It’s a good idea to always stay stocked up in case of an emergency.

Give thoughtful small gifts

As the pandemic has stopped us from visiting our friends and family, we have found new ways of showing our loved ones what they mean to us. Package mail delivery continued to work, so many people used this service to send freshly baked cookies to a friend close by, or a puzzle to a bored relative, or simply a handmade card to remind them we are in this together. Those unexpected treats make everyone feel good, so it’s nice to keep doing it even if we don’t have to use a mail service in between.

Working from home

Now is a great time to start rethinking our work habits. Home office was once a rare privilege only few people could enjoy. But during the pandemic, it became a necessity and companies found their way around it. Of course, you might miss your co-workers or your office, but this experience has taught us all to develop the means to work in unprecedented circumstances and that is a plus.

Shop smarter

Maybe this pandemic helped you get your groceries online for the first time, or plan a monthly list so you only have to go get supplies once a month. Or maybe you switched to a local fruit & veggie supplier that you never had the chance to try before. In any case, you have developed smarter and more mindful habits that ultimately translate in an improved budget.

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