How can you enjoy a drinking night at O'Carley's without breaking your budget?

Summer is already here and the Covid-19 vaccines are giving us back our normal life little by little to those who are fully vaccinated. If all this makes you want to go out for drinks and celebrate, O’Chatrley’s has a great deal that is worth taking advantage of. How can you enjoy a drinking night out if you are on a tight budget?

Now that the pandemic finally seems to be reaching an end, and getting together is safe again, it's time to get the beer you said you'd get when all this was over. How can you do it without breaking your budget?

After an endless year, the Covid-19 vaccine is available to almost anyone who wants to receive it (and we should all want to do it) and we can now feel more comfortable leaving the house or spending time with friends. If all this makes you feel like going out for drinks, the $2 and $3 Beer Specials at O’charley’s may be a great option to toast with this weekend.

Come enjoy $2 and $3 beer specials and $4 Margaritas this weekend at O’Charley’s!

For just $2 and $3 on weekends, the restaurant offers beer specials that can make your wallet just as happy as indulging yourself when you dine at O'Charley's.

Every weekend, you can get $2 Domestic Bottles or 14 oz Drafts and $3 22 oz Drafts, but the offer will only be available for a limited time, so heading over to your local store today and tomorrow may be a good idea

Whether it’s to drown your sorrows or celebrate a special occasion like Independence Day, O’Charley’s Beer Specials are a great deal to enjoy a night out without breaking your budget.

Enjoy a weekend outing without breaking your budget

And the best part is, that if you’re not a beer fan, you can also order O'Charley's house margarita for only $4.

The Beer Special deal is available for dine-in only, at participating restaurants, and you must be 21 and over to purchase.

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