New York-style classic: How to make an authentic BEC at home

Making authentic bacon, egg, and cheese like a New Yorker is not a piece of cake.

Also called 'deli-style,' the BEC - bacon egg and cheese - is something that New York, specifically New York City, is wholly known for. It has become so famous that everyone knows what a BEC is.

The combination of a slightly-toasted bagel that's been smothered with butter and a perfectly-fried egg all melts into one perfect mouthful... and then the cheese. That gooey, hot cheese that oozes in between the crispy parts of the bacon is nothing short of euphoric. Keep on reading to make the perfect BEC just like a New Yorker would like.

Let it bread

Well, not everyone agrees that bread is the best choice. Some argue that the original option should always be a deli roll while others will duke it out while insisting that a bagel is the only way to truly eat an egg sandwich. No griddle? try a cast iron or nonstick pan. The roll or bagel should be toasted only slightly - just enough that it will melt the butter and leave a whisper of color. 

Eggsactly what you need

Fried eggs are mandatory. In New York, if a person asks for a BEC and doesn't clarify how they want their eggs, they're automatically fried to completion but usually, it depends on how each person wants their eggs. For those who want a truly fried egg, puncture the yolks after flipping, about halfway into cooking, to get that classic finish.

Be cheesy, but only American cheesy

The only cheese that's ever okay to be used in a BEC is American cheese because to this day, it's still the only deli cheese that provides the perfect texture, melt, consistency, and flavor.

Meat up with some turkey or sausages

Turkey egg sandwiches are delicious and also a healthier alternative to bacon, and really the only suitable substitute for bacon. Cook the meat separate from the actual sandwich. A very quick grill on the turkey and a full crisp on the sausage should be satisfactory, then set aside.

Before being placed under the broiler until the cheese is melted and the meat is hot, get ready for having the BEC of your life. You will be grateful later.

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