Hacks if you’re a vegan on a budget

Money-saving hacks if you’re a vegan on a budget

At first, shifting to a plant-based diet might seem complicated and expensive, but if you learn a trick or two, you can absolutely nail it without spending a fortune!

The one rule of thumb for being vegan on a budget is: eat foods that are in season. If you stick to that, you are halfway done. However, here are a few extra tips that will help you stay on budget:

Dry beans

Is it as practical as canned beans? No. But it is way cheaper. Yes, you might need to set an alarm just so you remember to soak them the night before and simmer them for hours, but dry beans are not only cheaper, but they also last longer. A great way of dealing with this is by making a huge badge on Sunday and then freeze it, in portions, for the rest of the week. The truth is, also, that you will eat a lot of beans so you will need a ton.

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vegan condiments

Make your own condiments

Vegan condiments are really easy to make, and not only vegan mayo. You can make your own salad dressings or mix up spices to create a whole new world of flavor. Also, and if you haven’t tried this before, you can try fermenting: it is a delicious way of preparing some veggies that takes only 10 minutes of preparation and a few days of fermentation, but the result can be as delicious as it gets. You can check out Cultures for Health https://www.culturesforhealth.com/ for fermenting ideas.

Buy in bulk

This one actually works out for any kind of diet you follow, even if it’s an omnivore. When bought in bulk, items tend to be cheaper. And this is especially true for pasta, beans, flours, and grains —and you will be using a lot of these ingredients, so this is actually great news!

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Plan your meals

This is strongly related to the “buy in bulk” rule. If you plan ahead, you can focus on a certain group of ingredients each week and come up with meals and recipes around that ingredient. That way, you will be able to buy in bulk knowing exactly how you will use the ingredients, allowing you to save a lot of money and reduce waste!

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