Money apps: how to make some extra cash with them?

Technology allows us to manage almost every single aspect of our finances through our smartphones. We can pay bills, invest, check our accounts and make money. But as most of these apps are free, how do they make their money? Plus, discover the TOP 10 list of apps that can make you earn some extra cash!

Although the business model varies from app to app, they all have a revenue stream that ranges from advertising to referrals to subscriptions. Here you will understand how to make extra cash with different apps.

1. Money transfer apps

Apps like PayPal, Venmo or Dwolla are usually free to use, but they make their money by charging a percentage of every transaction. Venmo, for example, also has a social feed that eventually leads to advertising revenue.

2. Investment apps

These apps are designed to make it easier for people to invest their money. Apps like Acorns and Stash charge $1 per month until you have $5,000 in a portfolio. Once you reach that number, they both charge 0.25% of your account balance.

3. Billing and Invoicing apps

These apps, like Harvest, allow users to track and bill services. Harvest, for example, is free for one person and up to two projects, but will charge $12 per month for one person with multiple projects. Similar apps charge similar amounts, but they also make money every time you use their payment processing features or if you pay for other upgrades.

4. Credit score checkers

There are some apps that will let you keep an eye on your credit score and get alerts for any unusual activity. The most popular apps are Credit Karma, Credit Sesame and WalletHub, which are free to use but make money through targeted advertising, loan management and referral partnership.

5. Account aggregators

These apps are the ones that let you link all of your accounts in order to get a complete view of your overall financial situation. Apps like Mint, for example, make money from different sources, like advertising, product referrals, and from selling users’ aggregated data. On the other hand, Personal Data gets its money from the management fees tied to their Robo-advising service


If you are trying to make some extra money and you have a smartphone, then it's time to search for those apps that can help you make money! Take a look at the ten best ones and start making some extra cash!

A) iPoll: This app will let you know when you qualify to take a paid survey, so you need to set your profile and tap to get those notifications. iPoll also allows you to get money by doing product reviews or to test ads. Once you earn money, you can trade them at the iPoll's online store.

B) Sweatcoin: This app allows you to get money for walking. This means that it will track your activity and pay you with "sweat coins," their digital currency. You can then spend these coins at the Sweatcoin app or donate it to charity.

C) Foap: If you are an amateur photographer or just enjoy taking photos with your smartphone, you can make some money with this app! Foap allows you to sell your photos or your portfolio around the world. You can cash your earnings via PayPal.

D) Mercari: This app is like an online garage sale! Use this app to earn money by selling the stuff you don't need anymore, like clothes or toys. Bear in mind that you will need to pay a 10% fee once you complete a sale.

E) Mobee: If you always wanted to be a secret shopper, you can do it with this app! First, you need to download the app and search for a business by using the map. You can then begin completing missions at different retailers and restaurants. Each mission gets you points that you can later exchange for gift cards.  

F) Offer Up: This is another app you can use to sell stuff you no longer need. You can sell almost everything through this app, from furniture to electronics!

G) Drop: You can get rewards at this app just by linking your credit and debit cards to your account. Once you do this, go shopping and use them as you normally do. You can redeem your earns for free gift cards.

H) Task Rabbit: This is one of the best apps to earn money by completing tasks, like running errands locally or helping your neighbors. You can then cash out your money.

I) Ibotta: With this app, you can earn money just by going shopping! You can get cash back rebates or earn points for purchasing at your favorite store. In addition, you can link your loyalty cards to the app or scan your receipts. You can get your cash through PayPal and Venmo, or use your earning to get gift cards.

J) Tap Cash Rewards: With this app you can make money by trying apps or games, or even by watching videos! You can either cash in through PayPal or use your points for gift cards.

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