Make the most of the sales of your used stuff

Make the most of the sales of your used stuff

Whether you’re moving out or because you’re renewing your house or wardrobe, you can make an interest sum of money by selling your old stuff. Even better, you can do it online!

Don’t throw away your old furniture, your used clothes and shoes, not even your books! First of all, take into account that your used stuff is new for others. If they’re in good shape, take your time to find out how much they’re worth and take nice pictures of every item. There are several websites where you can publish them at the same time. They aren’t mutually exclusive! Give your stuff more chances to find another owner.

Garage sale, but online!

VarageSale is the digital form of the garage sale. Not only can you publish second-hand items, but also you can find a lot of stuff and great deals. It's the ideal showcase for all kinds of products.

Tired of your furniture?

In Chairish you can upload photos of all your furniture: sofas, chairs, lamps and even art and decorating objects for sale. You can also pick some ideas for renewing your house by looking at some designers’ work.

Time to renew your wardrobe

Vinted is a big community of buyers and sellers specialized in clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. If you’re no longer wearing a beautiful coat or a nice pair of sandals, don’t miss out on the opportunity to make some money on this website! 

Update your electronics

Technology evolves very quickly. If you’ve got the chance to update your laptop, your cell phone or even your tablet, you can offer your current ones in Gadget Salvation. You have to enter their brand, their model and some specifications and you’ll get a quote for your device. If you agree with it, you’ll be asked to fill a checkout form and you’ll receive a free pre-paid shipping label to deliver your gadget. It‘ll be tested and, if it works properly, you get paid in a couple of days.

Book exchange

In Valore Books you can buy, sell or rent books and save up to $500 per year. That’s very helpful to lower college expenses, as it allows students to sell their books. There are more than 18.000 titles available from a big variety of topics: biology, economics, health, literature and maths, among others.

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