Make the most of each grocery and save money!

When you go grocery shopping, there are many ways to save money. One of them is to buy certain items that will be useful for many different meals and can be cooked in lots of ways.


Not only is this a cheap addition to your pantry, but it also comes in different shapes and sizes. It’s ideal for a main or a side dish, and you can serve it many days of the week. With only the help or a sauce, butter, or another type of pasta, you can cook versatile meals that will bore neither yours nor your family’s taste buds!


This is the greatest gluten-free alternative to pasta. It’s also a great side dish to use if you want to switch to a meal that doesn’t include spaghetti or ravioli. It’s filling, cheap, and easy to cook, as well as very delicious when combined with the right toppings. These can be the same as those for pasta: cheese, sauce, butter, or others.

Sauces and Spices

These are two items that will help you improve the quality and flavor of almost any meal. You can use them as toppings, for soups, stews, or dressings. When combined, you can turn them into popular sauces, like BBQ or pizza sauce.


If there’s one food that works almost every time and goes with pretty much every meal, that’s potatoes. Get creative and eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There are a lot of ways to eat potatoes: fried, baked, cooked on the microwave, etc.


Not many people realize how many uses you can give to something as simple as oats. Typically, you can eat them for breakfast with some milk, But you can also cook cookies, granola, and even meatballs and meatloaf with them! Simply fill them with oars and get a crunchy taste.


You can serve yogurt for breakfast or as a snack, and you’ll be satisfied until the next meal. Buy a large tub and customize it with canned fruits, frozen berries, nuts, granola, and whatever you can think of. You’ll never get tired of it and you’ll benefit from its proteins and probiotics!


Another key item in your house should be bananas. Not only they’re available all year round in most places, but they’re also packed with minerals and vitamins. You can eat them as snacks, desserts, or even use them to bake muffins and pancakes! They can make almost every snack healthier without compromising its flavor.

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