Make over 42 meals with a $30 Make over 42 meals with a $30

Make over 42 meals with a $30 budget!

You can shop brand-name products for less at your local Family Dollar, they offer weekly coupons for groceries and household necessities. Check out the video to learn tips for preparing 42 meals on this tight budget!

Buy a wide range of groceries on a $30 budget in Family Dollar. It is an American variety store chain, with over 8,000 locations it was the second largest retailer of its type in the United States until it was acquired by Dollar Tree.


About the video:

"This is my $30 grocery budget challenge where I decided to be extremely frugal for one week and only spend $30 for everything we ate this week. I did not use any extra ingredients from my pantry with the exception of oil, salt and pepper.  I made over 42 meal this week with only $30!

  So come on and shop with me, cook with me, and see what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week at the Green’s house!

If you want to see exactly how much each item was and what we ate each day then you can click on over to my blog post about this challenge.

  Let’s be friends:


Instagram: @greensavesyougreen"


If you want to see more videos, here's the YouTube Channel.

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