Looking for a new pair of shoes? Consider these tips!

Looking for a new pair of shoes? Consider these tips!

There are many tips you should consider at the time you will shop for a new pair of shoes... Maybe you already know some, but still don't miss this guide that will make you save even more!

The Christmas season is over and maybe you waited for that so you could do some shopping taking advantage of the January offers. Like shoes, for example!

If this is your case and you are planning to buy a new pair, we let you know that you will not only save with the offer you find... Also with these tips, you will save some money when buying shoes

Get free shoes on Amazon

If you’ve found the perfect pair of shoes through an authorized reseller of your favorite brand on Amazon, you might be able to get it for free. Amazon issues a $50 gift card instantly upon credit approval when you apply for an Amazon Rewards Visa Card. So, if your dream shoes are under $50, you could pick them up for nothing.

If your dream shoes are under $50, you could pick them up for nothing

Take advantage of free shipping offers

Take your shopping adventures online for access to exclusive discounts, like free shipping and exchanges on purchases. Sites like Zappos give you a chance to try before you buy with hassle-free returns and exchanges with no-cost return shipping.

Get shoe deals on Groupon

In addition to posting the latest local deals and discounted vacation packages, Groupon sells merchandise at closeout prices from brand-name retailers and stores. Review the latest deals to take advantage of specials on rain boots, sandals, sneakers, and more.

Get rewarded

If you use a rewards credit card regularly, check the terms to see if apparel and shoe purchases qualify for points or cashback. Some card issuers send out limited-time promotional offers on certain types of purchases, like apparel or entertainment, that earn you extra points or bonuses.

Consider buying higher-quality shoes for work and everyday wear

Buy higher-quality shoes

Buying cheap shoes can help you save money in the short term, but you might end up having to replace those pairs more frequently because they get worn down quickly. Instead, consider buying higher-quality shoes for work and everyday wear so your initial investment lasts longer.

Shop in the right season

The best time to buy shoes depends on the type of shoe you’re in the market for. If you’re buying running shoes, it’s a good idea to shop in April or May, when stores are clearing out winter merchandise. March is your best bet for buying sandals, and if you’re looking to stock up on winter boots, plan on getting the best deals in the spring and summer by shopping in the clearance section.

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