Is a trip to Iceland on your wishlist? You can travel there for only $333

Is a trip to Iceland on your wishlist? You can travel there for only $333

Not only is Iceland a beautiful place but also one of the few countries that have already opened its borders to fully vaccinated tourists from the US. If this destination is on your wish list, this could be a great time to book your trip.

If you are already vaccinated but still do not feel comfortable traveling by plane, planning a trip for next fall may be an option.

If that's your situation, there are reasonable prices on flights to Reykjavik for the fall, out of the few US cities that are ready to fly to Iceland.

Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the aurora borealis or northern lights.

According to Thrillist, between Delta and United, you'll find round-trip flights to the Icelandic capital for as little as $333.

Delta announced in March that it will resume service to Iceland from New York City, Boston, and Minneapolis/St. Paul in May.

If you check Google Flights, you'll find round-trip flights in September and October for $339 out of either Newark's Liberty International Airport or New York's JFK International Airport.

Leaving from Boston, you can find a $333 round-trip flight in August.

Incredible landscapes await in Iceland

After so many months without being able to leave home, much less leave the country, waiting four months to do it is not long and we all deserve a vacation. So, look into Iceland and you may find the beautiful landscape is just what you're needing.

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