How to succeed in a virtual complaint

As a buyer, you can find yourself in a claim situation. Many of the complaints are submitted online. You can follow these tips in order to reach the most favorable resolution for yourself.

Maybe it was something that you’d bought online and arrived broken, or it was a product that you’d got in a store and found out it was missing some pieces when you got home, or when you entered the hotel room it wasn’t what you’d seen in the pictures. In any case, you’ll want to make things right and demand to get what you wanted originally.

It’s your right as a consumer to stand up for what you paid for. Most of the time, these claims are solved with cash refunds, but sometimes there’s the need to negotiate.

First of all, you’ve got to watch your tone. Pick every word carefully and think about all the possible meanings they could have. Stay respectful and polite: remember that the receiver is just an employee and not your enemy.

Even better, you can fill the complaint with flattering languages, such as: “I’ve chosen this brand because it’s the best in the market, but...” or “I’ve been a client of this company for years, so I was very surprised when...”. This way, you can have more chances to reach a good resolution, in a shorter period of time.

If this first approach doesn’t get any responses, then you can take a more active stance. For example, you can spread the word on social media about your bad experience and the lack of answers. Reader’s letters are old tools, but also very effective. The louder you are, the sooner the company will contact you.

When you’re contacted, be ready to negotiate. Remember your value as a customer and don’t settle for something below your expectations. Demand what you want! You can push back as many times as it’s necessary until you’re comfortable with the resolution.

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