How to stop receiving annoying sales calls

If there's one thing that makes everyone nervous, it's getting unexpected sales calls at any time, from someone who only wants to offer something you don't need. Read on to know how to avoid this.  

Luckily, the problem is easy to solve since you can avoid being called on your phone in a very simple and freeway.

What you should do is go to the National Do Not Call Registry, which was created to stop unwanted calls, and register your cell or home phone number for free, according to the Federal Trade Commission. from the USA

Just visit the site or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone you want to register, and in either site, you just need to provide the phone number and an email. 

Once your number is in their database, you will receive an email with a link that you must click within the first 72 hours to complete your registration.

Your phone number should be registered the day after completing the above process, but it could take up to 31 days for salespeople to call to stop.

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