How to save money when shopping at Gap

How to save money when shopping at Gap

If Gap is one of your favorite stores, there are ways to shop there without spending so much money. Read on to know when and how to buy the clothes you like, and save money while you do so.  

Despite the fact that Gap has sales every month, there are some times when you should pay special attention to their offers.

The 50% discounts usually take place in January, March, June, and October, as reported in Media feed.

The 40% store-wide discounts - plus an additional 10% discount - take place in February, May, July, and September, and last three to four days.

The event known as Friends and Family, which offers a 40% discount on all items, is usually held in March and November.

Also, on Black Day, and during the week prior to this date, there is a 50% discount on the entire online store.

At Gap Factory they have their own designers who make much cheaper garments, that are not sold in the regular Gap stores, so another good tip is to go to the Gap Factory stores, rather than the regular Gap stores.

Lastly, don't buy anything that has only been available in the store for three weeks or less, as the store typically doesn't discount new items for at least four weeks.


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