How to save money on everyday household essentials How to save money on everyday household essentials

How to save money on everyday household essentials

Though beating rising prices may seem like a lost battle, you do have the power to fight back. It just takes a little creativity and some strategic planning before you go to the store. Here are 5 smart ways of saving some money on household essentials.

1. Buy in bulk

This isn’t a new concept but it works! Buying in bulk has become so popular as a money-saving method that even the large supermarket chains are offering products in larger sizes now. When you buy all of your essentials in bulk, the pennies you save on every item start to add up.

2. Choose generic

Every important supermarket chain has its own brand of nationally known household items and, in most cases, that version of an item is just as good as the leading national brand. You can save a lot of money, without giving up on quality by buying these generic products.

6. Buy rechargeables

Our homes are full of things that need batteries: toys, remote controls, lamps, or alarm clocks. There is a whole range of battery-operated items and we know how expensive batteries are.  You can avoid spending all that money by purchasing rechargeable versions or rechargeable batteries instead.

7. Use coupons

Coupons have been around for decades providing consumers with a way to save money on the things they buy the most. The trick is knowing when to use them and how to stack them together to get the deepest discounts on products at the checkout line.

14. Take advantage of holiday prices

As consumers are going to need household essentials around the holidays, the major department stores and supermarket chains typically slash their prices on those weekends. .Christmas and Thanksgiving usually have a wider array of markdowns.

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