Trying to save some money? This article is just for you!

Saving money has never looked so easy. Dive into this extended guide on savings and find out how to really make every penny count. Save on electronics, parking and dates. Plus, a very special bonus track!


1. Student Discounts

Are you in college or just graduate? Lucky you! If you´ve access to a .edu email, you qualify for student discounts. The best brands have such discounts to help students with their device purchases. Apple’s Students and Educators Program takes 5% off (up to $200) in most purchases. Dell offers discounts on laptops, desktops, and more through it’s Dell University program. Amazon has a special account -Amazon Prime Student- which helps discounts on tech and even free shipping. 

2. Think Twice

Before purchasing any device, take a deep breath, and look at your current one. Ask yourself if the high-end versions really differ from yours and if you really need these new features. Maybe you could wait for another upgrade that's worth better.

3. Comparison Shop

Once you've taken a decision, you´ll need to take your time and compare prices between similar brands and models. You can also compare the prices of different shops. If you find the product cheaper in one place, you may ask for a price match at your local store. You´ll know if they sign for the price matching policy by looking at its website. 

4. Special Dates

You can also look at the calendar and mark some special dates when electronic sales take place. There are very important discounts on holidays, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Also on important dates like Father´s Day, Mother's Day, Super Bowl time, etc. You can wait until these days and compare it with the quote that you´ve already have. 

5. Generic Brands

Apart from your Tv, your tablet or your cell phone, you may need a lot of accessories. You don't need to pay for brand named phone cases, or charging cables. You can get good generic stuff even in the supermarket!  

6. Consider Refurbished

Refurbished devices are an excellent choice if you buy them directly from the manufacturer's site or through Amazon or eBay from the same providers. This way, you make sure that the device is tested and will work properly. The product may have a shorter warranty than the brand new ones, maybe 90 days, but it's enough time to try it. The money you'll save makes it worthwhile!

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Parking fees and tickets can add up and drain any budget. The good news is that if you change some habits, you can save a considerable amount of money on parking. Here’s how:

1. Know When To Go

Parking fees are usually lifted on certain days and times. If you intend to visit a location, take the time to learn when parking fees are lifted, so you can choose a travel time within those hours to avoid paying for parking.

2. Give Yourself Extra Time

Sometimes you’re running late for an important meeting, so you just park your car in the first available spot you see or you leave your car at an expensive garage because you don’t have time to find street parking. This might be costing you a lot more.

Allow yourself some extra time so that you can circle around the neighborhood to find an excellent spot. A good rule of thumb is to add 20 minutes to the time it takes to get to a certain destination.

3. Pretax Parking Plan 

Check with your employer if this plan is available. If you pay to park at your job, they might be able to offer pretax benefit, allowing you to take money out of each paycheck to pay for parking. This way, you reduce your taxable income and save some money. Also, check with your employer in case they have special discounts or parking plans.

4. Reserve Parking Online

There are some websites that will allow you to search for garage- or even street parking that can save you a lot of money. Websites like Parking Panda or Parkwhiz will let you find the cheapest spot available near your location or intended destination, so you will be able to save some money.


First of all, look at the interests that you and your partner share. If you both like sports, for example, you can plan lots of outdoor activities, like hiking or running. Not only are these a healthy choice, but also they’re for free!

If both of you are passionate readers, you can ask your partner to go to your local library to pick up some books. You can also go to a cool bookstore to catch up with the newest titles in the market and look for curiosities.

There are lots of options for night dates with a low budget, too. You can join a restaurant’s loyalty program by signing up for its membership’s rewards and its newsletter. You could earn points for free drinks and food through the restaurant's rewards program and gain access to coupons or other discounts through your inbox.

Take into consideration discount and coupon sites. It can take you some time, but it's worth it, because you may find interesting options to go out with your partner. You may even find low budgets weekend getaways!

There are also a lot of combos offered in the market, like movie&dinner. You can search these promotions in your local theatre to find out when they apply. Sometimes they fall in mid-week days, but surely you can find the right time to make the most of them!

Don’t forget to look at the apps that offer discounts at restaurants, bars, and events. You may find lots of promotions, like 2x1, cash rewards, or gift cards that you may exchange for a good wine or groceries to cook at home. If you choose to go to a restaurant, check these credit cards!

As a final suggestion, you can look for original activities to do together, like volunteering for a festival or concert, taking a DIY class of arts and crafts, or taking a staycation. There's a whole universe of (free) possibilities for you and your couple out there!


Here are 5 amazing things you can get for free, from food to lessons, there’s something here for everyone. If you want to check out more ways to save your money, read this article!

1. Free Music Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn how to play an instrument? If you have, then you might know that lessons can often be expensive. Fortunately, there are some excellent options out there that will let you get started for free. Check out Hoffman Academy or Drum Ambition for free piano and drum lessons. MusicTheory.Net offers free lessons on music theory for those with more advanced understanding.

2. Free Counseling 

Sometimes we need someone we can talk to. 7 Cups is a website that provides free counseling and listening services for those who could use it. The platform is similar to an instant messaging service and you can either volunteer as a listener or message confidentially with a volunteer.

3. Free Eye Care

EyeCare America provides free eye exams and up to one year of care for any disease diagnosed during one of those exams. This is available for people over 65 who don’t have private medical insurance and haven’t seen an eye doctor in three years or more.

4. Free Wellness Classes

There might be free fitness and wellness classes in your area. For example, some Lululemon Athletica stores offer free yoga classes weekly. Some communities also offer free workouts in parks, libraries or community centers. Another great way of getting free high-quality classes is by browsing YouTube, where you might find yoga, Zumba, pilates, and other fitness practices.

5. Free Language Lessons

When it comes to languages and learning, the internet offers a myriad of options. You can take free online lessons. Go to Open Culture for a list of lessons available around the web. One of the most popular options is Duolingo that offers free game-based language lessons.

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