How to save money on business clothes

If you're in the workforce, you need to dress properly to show up at the office every day and attend business meetings or conferences. This is how you can save money on these otherwise expensive outfits!

Business clothes and accessories are an important part of your professional life. If your company doesn't provide uniforms to the employees, you need to pick your outfit every day. This can be stressful, especially when you open your wardrobe and you can't find the proper outfit to wear. Running to the closest store with your credit card in hand isn't the only option. Here are some ideas to renew your wardrobe for less money!

Ask your friends

Surely, you've got friends that are in the business world too. Ask them if you can borrow a blouse, a suit, or a dress for a couple of weeks. You can offer some of your clothing in exchange as well! This way, you and your friend can try other outfits for a while. You should compare what you've got and what you need. If you've got two white blouses, you can switch one of them for a blazer, for example. 

Go to thrift stores 

Thrift stores are places where people drop off their discarded items, but they’re usually in very good shape! You should search through the clothing racks where you'll likely find lots of articles at a very low price. If you find something that you like, don't hesitate to buy it. The inventory is constantly changing, so you may lose what you’ve found from one day to the next.

Did you know that there are lots of marketplaces where you can buy second-hand clothes online?

Choose generic

When you look for business clothes, you should have classic items with classic colors. This may sound boring, but it'll help you combine them in different ways. Black, white, blue, and grey will never go out of style! You can make a relatively small closet look like a year’s worth of outfits if you add some accessories. Take a modern necklace or a colored scarf and give yourself a completely new look!

Save money on business clothes

Consider outlets

Outlet stores have clothes at very convenient prices since they sell items from former seasons that supposedly went out of style. As you are not looking for outfits to shine, but to go to work, you can find lots of options here for less money than in normal clothing stores. 

Go to the dry cleaner

You'd be surprised to see how many clothes people leave in dry cleaners and never pick up. Usually, these facilities hold the items for a few months. After that period, they donate them to local charities, because they need room to continue working. You can ask them if they've abandoned items to sell!

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