How to save for large purchases

Saving for large purchases may seem like a very difficult thing to do, but by following this simple advice, your goals and dreams can be esaier to reach than you think

Large purchases, like home appliances or a new car,  can be much easier to achieve if you take the time and trouble to plan for them carefully. Here are 6 easy tips to help you save for large purchases.

 1. Start paying with cash.

Paying for things (all things) with cash is the best way to really begin to take control of your money. . When you commit to leaving loans and credit card balances behind, you don’t have all that money wasted on interest payments anymore. This is how  you can start really building long-term financial stability and wealth  

2. Analyze whether the purchase is really worth the money.

Look throug your budget to determine if you can really afford the large items that you want to save for. As we just said, it is important to make sure you can buy the item with cash in the needed timeframe, without going into consumer debt or relying on a credit card.
After that, you should consider if purchasing that item is worth possibly overshadowing other financial goals, for most of us don’t earn enough money to buy everythhing we want. 

One last thing to bear in  mind is how many hours you must work to be able to pay for the ítem. For this, you need to calculate how much you are paid for an hour of work and see if it is really worthwhile.

 3. Plan a budget to save a certain amount each month in separate saving accounts.

Once you are sure that a purchase is in line with your values and your financial priorities, decide the amount you will set aside each month for the item or category. The best way to make sure that you don’t spend money you were saving for one thing on something else is to set up multiple savings accounts.

This way you can calculate how much time it will take to save for the ítem and you might even be able to negociate the price if you pay in cash.

4.Cut down on other expenses

If you need to make a large purchase in the near future, then look for ways you can spend less in other áreas. This will help you achieve your goal in less time. Examples of this may be: eating out less times, buyig cheaper clothes, using coupons or taking advantage of sales.  

5. Consider earning extra income 

Another way to purchase the item or items more quickly than your actual budget will allow, even after cutting down on expenses, can be to earn additional income. There are many extra Jobs you can do in your free time and that do not require a great effort. Examples of this can be driving for Uber or delivering food for Ubereats. 

6. Look around, and negotiate the price.

Prices for items vary widely depending on where you purchase them, so take a little time to shop around. Before you buy, look around online to look for the best deals, this can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And when you have found the best price, try to negociate the price. This may be a posible option, specially since you will be paying in cash.

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