Learn how to make money on Twitch

Learn how to make money on Twitch

If you are a gamer or a streamer, then probably your biggest dream is to make money while doing your things. But, is it at all possible? The answer is YES, YOU CAN DO IT ON TWITCH. Wondering how to do it? Well, you will have to read this article.

Twitch is a platform owned by Amazon that allows its users to play games and then stream the games they play. Compared to YouTube, Twitch focuses more on live content than pre-edited content.

Amazon runs the partnership program that allows you to earn money from displaying ads. This is called Twitch Partnership Program and it pays out based on the number of views and clicks each video gets.

To start making money on this platform, the key is to build engagement and get as many views as possible. And when we talk about making money we are not saying some extra bucks. We mean big money. Some Twitch users have an estimated net worth of 30 million! 

So, as a rule: if there is so much money involved, it means there is a lot (a lot) of people interested in viewing this type of content.

Twitch users usually share videos called “Let’s Play” in which they are essentially playing a computer game and narrating what they do. These are informal, laid back videos that are good not only for gamers trying to learn some tricks, but also for entertainment.

So, how does it work?

In case it is not clear enough, on this platform views equals money.

Of course, you won’t make a lot at first and it will take some time for you to get there (or maybe you don’t get there at all), but if you can create content to engage your audience and get them to watch your channel, you are on your way.

The more popular you become, the more you influence your audience. This means that they will not only watch your content, but they are also likely to buy other things you recommend

If that is the case, advertisers will want to place their ads on your videos and that means more money for you. The best part of this is that you don’t even need to show yourself in front of a camera. You just need to capture your screen. And you get to play videogames all day long!

And even if there are a lot of people trying to make their way through Twitch, you need to set your goal and be consistent. Even if it takes you some time to start generating money, think of this as a way of enjoying something you already love that can potentially pay well!

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