How can you get $5 Lobster Sandwiches at Quiznos this week

How can you get $5 Lobster Sandwiches at Quiznos this week

Lobster is generally synonymous with luxury and wealth, so, for a few days, you can feel like you're eating like a real tycoon, without spending a fortune. How can you enjoy this delicious meal this week without going over budget ?

According to Thrillist, for six days, you’ll be able to eat lobster at Quiznos for only $5.

”We like to think of eating a Quiznos sub as a flavor experience. And the key to this superior flavor experience? Toasting! True toasting releases the flavors in our premium quality meats & cheeses. That’s why we’ve been toasting since 1981,” is how Quiznos presents itself on the company’s website.

The fast-food restaurant that specializes in offering toasted submarine sandwiches recently brought back its lobster classic sandwich and added a brand new Old Bay take.

Normally, these eight-inch bad boys will run you about $8.50 depending on location but, for six days in February, you’ll be able to get them for cheap.

“Classic or Club? The choice is yours! The NEW Old Bay Lobster Club filled with chilled #lobster & seafood salad seasoned with Old Bay seasoning, served on a butter-toasted bun with crunchy bacon, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, and a spicy Old Bay mayo,” says the post on the company’s Instagram account.

All you need to do is to become a member of Quiznos' Toasty Points rewards program this week to score the $5 lobster sandwiches till February 20.

Classic or Old Bay Lobster sandwich?

Membership is free, of course, and you can also earn points for free drinks, chips, subs, and salads down the road if you join the club.


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