Find coupon offers via Facebook!

Find coupon offers via Facebook!

Social networks not only help you connect with former classmates or friends, but also can be helpful to find offers and companies' coupons. You only have to learn how to do it. Take a look at this short guide on how to find coupon offers via Facebook! 

Nowadays, people use social networks to connect, and so do companies to share their products. Such is the case of Facebook, the platform where many businesses chose to share their coupons.

In this case, they are called Facebook Offers and can be found in the companies' pages or even in several groups or communities within the social network. In this article, you will learn how to find these coupons offers, how to claim them and how to join the coupon communities you want.

Find the best offers for this Christmas via Facebook

A few steps to get your coupons

First things first: Open your Facebook, search for those companies or specific products you want to get coupons (known as Offers) from and tap "Like". Once you start following these businesses' pages, their offers will appear in your feed. Before you tap in any coupon, remember to check the expiration date!

Most of them will have a "Get Offer" button in order to simplify the access to the coupons. By tapping this button, the coupon will be immediately added to your Offers tab so that you can use it later. In other cases you may see a pop-up with a coupon code with a "Copy Code" button. By clicking it you can start shopping and the discount will be later applied to your purchase.

Some companies add offers only available in stores. In this case, it will display a bar code or coupon image to get the deal in person. Another way to find coupons is by joining special groups (public or private) in Facebook that share offers.

Choose the group you like the most. If the group is closed, then you will have to wait for the moderator to approve your entrance. There you can find different posts with links to coupons, offers and printable coupons to use at stores. Pay special attention when you click on links to offsite coupons, they may be a scam!

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