How to celebrate 2021 with an order at Denny’s and still stay on a budget

How to celebrate 2021 with an order at Denny’s and still stay on a budget

What seemed like the longest year of our lives finally ended and we are all happy to see a new year begin. While, officially, the holiday season is over, Denny’s is still celebrating 2021 by helping you keep your budget resolution.

Though thinking of things that will help you be less stressed, and give you a smile while Covid-19 cases rise nationwide may not be easy, starting the morning with free pancakes is surely one of them.

Big companies are just as happy as you are to see the year end, and Denny’s is celebrating in a big way, well into January.

Starting the day with free pancakes is always a great idea.

According to Thrillist, Denny’s is giving free orders of two-stack pancakes now through January 18.

To qualify, you need to place an order of $5 or more via Denny’s site or app, add the tip, and enjoy.

Customers can get also free delivery for any order of $10 or more at locations offering delivery through the Denny's website and app.

You need no code or any other requirement to participate.

Place an an order for $5 and you’ll get a free two stack of buttermilk pancakes when you checkout

The diner-style restaurant chain, however, isn’t the only food chain in town starting 2021 with deals that help you stay on a budget, for Pizza Hut is offering a very brief free stuffed-crust promo, Arby’s is giving you 5 roast beef sandwiches for $10 and Popeyes’ is bringing back the Rip'n Chicken Big Box meal deal for $6.

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