How is Yelp helping you stay safe amid the Covid-19 crisis?

How is Yelp helping you stay safe amid the Covid-19 crisis?

Although the vaccine has already begun to be applied, we must remember that Covid-19 cases are growing nationwide and that it is still necessary to take care of the virus. How is Yelp helping you do it?

While we wait to be vaccinated and get back to normal, Yelp has created  new COVID-19 feedback tools that show if restaurants are taking the necessary precautions

According to Thrillist, with Yelp's new features, customers can report how well places are following COVID-19 safety guidelines, just like users can offer feedback on any other service.

Customers can report if restaurant employees wear a face mask.

The features allow guests to offer feedback on what precautions a business is taking to keep customers safe and inform whether staff wears masks and gloves, enforces social distancing, requires customers to wear masks, sanitizes between customers, checks guests' temperatures, provides hand sanitizer, and offers contactless payment methods.

Customers report their experience and when Yelp sees a pattern emerge, it will update the restaurant's page.

 For instance, if a lot of people say that a restaurant doesn't enforce social distancing, Yelp will include that on the restaurant’s page to warn future customers so they can choose to expose themselves to it or not to an unsafe environment.

The features allow clients to inform if social distance is respected.

Yelp has also introduced features that allow restaurants to self-report what they're doing to combat the spread of COVID-19, and restaurant owners can use them to communicate what they're doing.

If customers haven't reported otherwise, Yelp will take their word for it.

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