How is McDonald’s trying to reach new customers?

How is McDonald’s trying to reach new customers?

2020 was a year during which food chains had to modify their menus and their delivery systems to adapt to the new trends brought by the pandemic. What new change has McDonald's just announced?

During the last years, clients have been changing their preferences, and restaurants and fast-food chains have had to include more variety in their offers. The shift towards meatless products is one of those trends and a greater tendency to eating chicken, instead of meat, is another.

According to CNBC, McDonald’s will launch three chicken sandwiches in February as it tries to reach new customers by including new ítems on its menu.

McDonald's announced its new fried chicken sandwich in November

As of February 24, consumers will be able to buy the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and the Deluxe Chicken Sandwich.

The Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which began to be tested in Houston and Knoxville, Tennessee nearly a year ago, features a fried chicken filet served on a buttery potato roll, topped with butter and pickles.

The spicy version comes with a spicy pepper sauce, while the deluxe sandwich comes with more toppings: shredded lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and mayo.

In November, executives told investors that they would boost the number of menu items with chicken because the category is growing faster than beef.

Other rivals, like Popeyes, have seen success challenging Chick-fil-A with chicken sandwiches

In recent years, Chick-fil-A has become the third-largest restaurant chain in the United States by sales, right behind only Starbucks and McDonald’s. Its chicken-focused menu has attracted new consumers and has made other fast-food giants follow the trend.

Rivals, like Popeyes, have seen success challenging Chick-fil-A with a chicken sándwich, and have reported double-digit same-store sales growth every quarter, since they launched a chicken sandwich.

It is no surprise, therefore, that the Golden Arches, after announcing the launch in November,  follows suit this year and tries to win over customers with this move.

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