How does Chris Evans spend his money? How does Chris Evans spend his money?

How does Chris Evans spend his money?

Of course, Captain America deserves to spend his money in any way he wants to.

Chris Evans managed to amass a huge net worth thanks to the roles he has played throughout his life. How does he spend it?

Cars and more cars

Evans has put together an incredible car collection over the years. For his daily driving, he has been spotted with a Lexus ES350 and with a Jeep. While he could afford any car he wants, he really enjoys a simple and efficient vehicle.

Of course, he also has fancier cars. According to Motorious, last year Robert Downey Jr. gifted him a $275,000 1967 Chevy Camaro. And as if this wasn’t fancy enough, Robert had it customized and delivered an Avengers-themed car.

Real Estate

Thanks to his role as Captain America, Chris Evans was able to afford some expensive real estate. As a matter of fact, before becoming Captain America, Evans was doing well enough and he managed to purchase a $1.26 million home in Hollywood Hills. After landing the Captain America role, he purchased a $3.25 million home in Los Angeles.

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Style and fitness

Chris Evans spends quite a lot of money on himself, which is actually a perfect way of spending money: having cool things is nice, but taking care of yourself is really important. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Evans hired a personal stylist. It makes sense if you consider that looks are really important in Hollywood. No wonder why Chris Evans would want some professional advice.

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But Evans is focused not only on his style, but also on his overall health. He has also hired a personal trainer. More specifically, he has worked with former Royal Marine, Simon Waterson, who also helped Daniel Craig transform into James Bond.

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