How can you take your kids out for a meal at Arby’s without breaking your budget?

How can you take your kids out for a meal at Arby’s without breaking your budget?

Children are a blessing, but feeding them can get expensive. If now that normal life is slowly coming back, you want to take them out for dinner, how does Arby’s help you do it without breaking your budget?

Enjoying a family outing and taking your kids out for dinner may seem like an expensive plan but Arby’s is one of the food chains that helps you do this without going over budget. When can you score a great deal?

July is being a month full of promotions and freebies at food chains to help you stick to your budget without giving up your favorite dishes, and Arby’s has added itself to the list with a promotion that you won’t want to miss if you have kids.

After a very difficult year for everyone and especially for children who had to get used to difficult things like not going to school, playing much less with their friends, and not being able to see their grandparents, but summer is here and thanks to the great number of vaccinated people, our lives are slowly getting back to normal.

If treating yourself to a night off cooking while you make your kid feel special is one of the things you haven’t done for a long time Arby’s has an ongoing promotion to make children happy without spending too much.

The fast-food sandwich restaurant chain is known for its roast beef sandwiches, but they have also just launched six new Kids Meals on its menu, including chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, roast beef sliders, chicken sliders, and turkey sliders.

And to celebrate the arrival, for a limited time, Arby's is offering any Kids Meal for $1 with each purchase of a regular-priced combo meal.

Our $1 Kids Meals have it all. Great price, 100% Whole White Meat Chicken Nuggets, Crinkle Fries & Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice Drink

Each Arby's Kids Meal includes an entree, side, and a drink. Entree choices include:

- 4-piece Premium Chicken Nuggets
- 6-piece Premium Chicken Nuggets
- Chicken Slider
- Roast Beef Slider
- Roast Turkey Slider
- Chicken Tenders

There's a limit of one $1 Kids Meal per regular combo meal purchased and is available to children 12 and under.

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