Hurry up! Today is the last day to get half-price footlongs at Subway

Hurry up! Today is the last day to get half-price footlongs at Subway

After a whole year of Covis-19 pandemic and with cases increasing again, you may want to treat yourself to a night off cooking. How can you score cheaper footlongs at Subway right now? 

If you thought that cooking less and saving money on meals were two things that couldn't go hand in hand, you were wrong. Today is the last day of a Subway promotion that offers half-price footlongs, so don’t miss out on this last chance to stick to your budget and enjoy while you do so.

With Covid-19 cases increasing again all over the world, and while we wait to receive the vaccine, there are not many things we can do to have fun, so it may be a good moment to save money for when things are finally back to normal.

If saving money on meals was one of the things you had set out to do for 2021, but you still want to treat yourself from time to time, today is the last day to take advantage of Subway’s BOGO deal.

While the fast-food sandwich restaurant chain had a campaign led by NBA stars Draymond Green and Jayson Tatum focused on customization, Subway coupled this pretty back-to-basics focus with a pretty back-to-basics promo.

“Avoid BOGO FOMO: Buy 1 Footlong, get 1 50% off in the app with code BOGO50,” says the post on the company’s Instagram account.

Because you're cool: Buy 1 Footlong, get 1 50% off. Just use code BOGO50 in the app or online.

With Subway’s offer, you and a friend can enjoy lunch together and save money while you do so, but you need to do it today before it’s too late.

To score the deal, use code BOGO50 on the Subway site or mobile app, and with one footlong you buy, you’ll get a second for half price.

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