Family outings: Enjoy a Taco Night at Del Taco without breaking your budget!

Family outings: Enjoy a Taco Night at Del Taco without breaking your budget!

Summer has arrived, normal life is slowly coming back and all this makes us want to take a night off cooking and celebrate. How you can enjoy a night out, while you save money on dinner, every Tuesday, at Del Taco?

Finally, summer is here, the Covid-19 vaccines are available for everyone 12 years and older and normal life seems to be returning. If all this makes you want to celebrate, or you have any other personal reason to do so, eating at Del Taco today may be a great option.

After an endless year, the Covid-19 vaccine is available to almost anyone who wants to receive it (and we should all want to do it) and we can now feel more comfortable leaving the house or spending time with friends. If all this makes you feel grateful, there is a promotion at Del Taco for you to enjoy, with whoever you want on Tuesdays.


Why cook when you can make it a taco night?

Tacos are delicious and have many fans. For all of them, it doesn’t get much better than a taco night and Del Taco is making it less expensive to enjoy their favorite meal twice a week.

If saving money on meals was one of the things you had set out to do for 2021, but you still want to treat yourself from time to time, don’t miss out on Del Taco’s promotion.

“Tacos, the best thing to ever happen to Tuesdays. Especially when you can grab 3 Value Tacos for $1.49!” says the company’s Instagram account, and you may want to take the advice!

The fast-food restaurant chain which specializes in American-style Mexican cuisine as well as burgers has two Taco Nights every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tuesday night is Taco Night

So today, from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. you can get 3 ValueTacos for $1.49, which means each taco is only 49 cents, so it really can’t get much cheaper than that, can it?

The offer has no limit, so family and friends can definitely enjoy a frugal fiesta to celebrate they can, once again, get together after months of social distance.

Taco Nights price, participation, and hours may vary, so you should check at your local store

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