How can you score a free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Combo today?

How can you score a free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Combo today?

To celebrate that normal life is finally, slowly, coming back, Popeyes and Grubhub are offering a promo to help you save money on your summer Fridays and end the work week with a smile. How can you get a free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Combo today?

If you are back at the office and you're lucky enough to have summer Fridays at work, Grubhub is helping you stay on a budget and enjoy a great combo on your Friday afternoon-off lunch plans till August.

Popeyes chicken sandwich has changed the fast food trends

Popeyes and the food delivery service have partnered to offer Free Sandwich Fridays.

The chain of fried chicken fast-food restaurants has a promotion that will give you a free sandwich combo every Friday through July 30.

All you have to do to score the deal is spend $20 on an order at Popeyes through Grubhub and the free Chicken Sandwich Combo and free delivery is all yours

Although most fast-food chains have launched, or are about to launch, impressive chicken sandwiches to compete with Popeyes', their sandwich is still a favorite for most, so the offer will surely make many people happy.

You can get the free combo with a minimum order of $20

As you need to spend a minimum of $20 to get in on Free Sandwich Fridays, you might want to team up with some co-workers or friends to celebrate the weekend is here.

Whether it's on your own or together with others, you can score the freebie every Friday until August, as long as you place the order here.


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