Mark Zuckerberg's net worth Mark Zuckerberg's net worth

"How Mark Zuckerberg spent $96 billion?"

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"Mark Zuckerber's Net worth is over $96 Billion US dollars, as CEO of Facebook. Owning private jets, mansions on islands in Hawaii, sports cars, and an incredible LA luxury villa - this is how he spends his wealth!

When you’ve eclipsed billionaire territory, the way you think, travel, and, most importantly, spend, changes dramatically. Mark Zuckerberg, renowned Facebook CEO, is absolutely rolling in the cash, to the extent that he can flaunt his money all over the place. He buys giant estates (and lots of them), $150 million superyachts, entire companies, and million-dollar supercars, all without even making a dent in his colossal bank account.

In 2018 alone, the Facebook CEO earned roughly $1.7 million - every single hour.

How wealthy is Zuckerberg exactly? How crazily does he splurge? How did he become so rich? Look away from your news feed for a second and let’s find out."

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