How Amazon review sites help you get the best deals

How Amazon review sites help you get the best deals

Shopping online has become extremely popular worldwide because it’s easy, convenient and, most times, very reliable. Here are some review sites that will help you get the best deals on the web.

Searching the web for good deals is something we all have been doing for quite some time. Shopping online, with no need to move from your house, has become a great option. However, not being able to test what you buy, or not being sure of what you’ll be receiving is a drawback. Amazon review sites step in to make this easier, making customer reviews available to potential shoppers. 

Amazon review sites partner with sellers to offer products for free or at a steep discount in exchange for a review. Here is a list of the best 5 Amazon review sites:

1. Rebaid

Rebaid is easily one of the best Amazon shopping portals. You can earn rebates up to 100% of the product purchase price. Leaving a review is optional to earn the rebate. You only need to activate the offer from the Rebaid website before buying. Payment can be sent in as little as three days after Rebaid confirms your purchase. Your payment options are mailed paper checks or direct bank deposit.

2. Product Elf

Product Elf is a popular one with over 40,000 active reviewers and a wide product selection. Many products there retail for $5 or less though, and deals might not always be that enticing (since even if you get 80% off $5….it’s still $5 at the end of the day so not that much savings in terms of $$$).
They have offers that both instantly approve you or require merchant approval before you can redeem them.

3. Vipon

Vipon offers a variety of products for 50% to 100% off and is also one of the oldest review sites. Although most discounts are only up to 80% off. One advantage to shopping on Vipon is that you can apply to try 20 products at once. The downside is that each merchant must separately approve your request. Once you receive your trial products, you have two weeks to complete a review. Once you provide the review, you can apply for more products to test.

4. Deal Go!Go!Go!

Deal Go!Go!Go! is a relatively new review site but many shoppers like it because you can apply for up to 10 products at once and be automatically approved.
Most products are 50% to 99% off, and there are a few free products as well after the discount is applied. Most of the product categories are for fashion, electronics, health, home, and mom & baby. To never miss a deal, install their Dealgogogo browser extension. This extension applies all known coupon codes so you save money on your Amazon purchases

5. TopReviewHut

As you could probably guess, this site focuses on a wide range of products (specifically home and garden, health and beauty, electronics, and automotive accessories) that are best suited for individual needs. Another great aspect of this site is that it also offers its own reviews on the products before you commit to them.

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