Here are the best rewards programs that offer gift cards

Here are the best rewards programs that offer gift cards

There are more ways of earning gift cards than just completing surveys and shopping portals. If you are tired of these options, read this article and find new options to earn free money for your favorite things.


Finding websites that offer to give you free credit or gift cards for referring your friends can be a difficult thing to seek out intentionally, and these offers appear and disappear so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of them.

Chums is an app that keeps track of all the referral codes going and how much you’ll be able to make from each one. This way, friends capitalize on these referral codes easily.

Product Tube

The concept of Product Tube is similar to survey websites, except that you’ll receive rewards for making videos of your shopping habits instead of filling in surveys. You’ll have to film some videos in-store and some at home.

You can make the videos on your smartphone and upload them directly to the app, so the process is actually very quick and easy if you are not uncomfortable with showing your face.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards gives you credit towards gift cards only by using your search engine. By enrolling in the process and using Bing for your searches, you’ll be able to earn points for the Microsoft store. If you want to earn even more, you can take part in quizzes and do other activities.

Reward Credit Cards

If you want to earn gift cards, but checking all your receipts or taking part in boring online activities seems too complicated, here is an easy way to do it. You can simply use your card whenever you buy anything from a supermarket or shop and receive the cashback automatically.

As long as you trust yourself not to lose control, it’s a simple process and the credit card(s) you choose will depend on where you’re most likely to spend your money. 

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