Eat healthy while sticking to your budget! Plus, help eliminate food waste

Eat healthy while sticking to your budget! Plus, help eliminate food waste

Eating healthy while helping to eliminate food waste has never looked so easier. We present you to a comprehensive guide to changing your bad habits and also helping the environment. 

If you are trying to switch to a healthy diet or build better habits, for sure you have encountered with with tons of influencers showing a lot of healthy products that look extremely expensive. And while it is true that there are many healthy options that are a bit pricey, it is absolutely not true that clean eating costs more. Here’s a list of tips that will help you eat healthy while on a budget:


1. Choose Cheaper Proteins

We all love a good steak, but buying expensive cuts of meat is usually the easiest way to drain your budget. 
A good inexpensive option is frozen chicken or eggs. You can find a 5 lb bag of chicken for $5. 

2. Buy Frozen Fruits and Veggies

If you are looking to cut down some costs, you can buy frozen fruits and veggies instead of fresh ones. The reason they are cheaper is because transport is much easier. And contrary to popular belief, some studies show that frozen fruits and veggies are healthier because they are picked at its prime, so they are more nutrient-dense than fresh ones, which are usually picked earlier than necessary so they ripen while being transported.

3. Try Acai Bowls

Acai Bowls can be really cheap if you make them yourself.
You can make your own granola and save a lot of money as well. 

4. Make Your Own Meal Kits

Make your meal kits at home and save a lot of money. It is more fun and more delicious too! Find recipe cards and fill a Ziploc with the ingredients for each day. If you need help with meal kit ideas, you can always search online.

5. Buy Online

We all want to enjoy some specialty items every once in a while, but being on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to cut them out. You can plan ahead to see which items you can´t live without and find a good deal online. This will certainly cost a lot less than getting them from a specialty store.

6. Meal Plan

This is might seem obvious, but it is not. Plan ahead. Pre-made food is actually more expensive than buying healthy and fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch. And even though we usually don’t have time to cook for a long time, if you know what your meals for the week are going to be, you will save a lot of time in making them and, of course, a lot of money. 

7. Cook in Bulk

Cooking in bulk is also a big-time and money saver. Every time you get cooking, make more so you can store in your freezer. Also, find foods or meals that you can cook with the same ingredients, so you also buy in bulks, which is usually cheaper than buying in small amounts.

8. Cut Back on Snacks

Let’s face it: snacks are really expensive. Particularly the healthy ones. You can easily replace them with even healthier fruits. You can definitely include some snacks on your grocery list, but these are nowhere near being an essential part of your healthy food budget.

9. Meal Prep

You don’t need to have a lot of time to do this. You can cook all the meals in your plan in just one day. You will spend the whole day cooking, but this is actually a really fun thing to do. If you live with your family, it is also a nice activity for everyone to engage in and enjoy some quality time. Meal-prepping will allow you to stick to your meal plan, so you make sure that your budget actually works.


Imperfect Foods was born in 2015 with a solid goal: to build a better food system for everyone by eliminating food waste. They simultaneously help producers, consumers and, well, the planet. You can buy all sorts of healthy, seasonal products that are qualified as “imperfect” and therefore rejected by grocery stores. Compared to store prices, they charge up to 30% less!

There are different reasons why food might be considered “imperfect”. Maybe some fruits and vegetables don’t look as good on the outside as stores expect them to do. This doesn’t mean that they taste bad!

There’s also possible that many products don’t qualify the specifications set by the buyers because they get light bumps or cracks during the harvesting or packaging process. Imperfect Foods rescues these products, which are perfectly good to eat but aren’t as aesthetically pleasing.

Many stores refrain from stocking products whose expiration date is near. They’re called “short-coded” and usually go to waste. You can choose from a list of 30 to 40 produce items and 160 grocery staples on a weekly basis.

You can customize your weekly grocery list with both organic and traditional products. You’ll receive a text when they’re delivered at your doorstep. If you want to know whether this company delivers in your state, enter your ZIP code on their website.

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