Grocery delivery: the best way to save time and money

Making your grocery shopping online has a lot of advantages. Not only do you save time, but it also helps you to stay in your budget and save a lot of money.

Choosing online grocery shopping will help your wallet and your families’ health as well. First of all, you can plan your meals, and write a list according to everything you need -and nothing else!-. When you fill your virtual shopping cart with a list in your hands, you’ll avoid all impulsive purchases as you won't fall into any temptation.  

You'll notice that your food waste will also be reduced. As you are at home, you can check your inventory just by opening the fridge or searching in your pantry. It's easier than trying to remember everything you have left while wandering the supermarket’s aisles!

Another advantage is that you can build a weekly budget and strongly respect it. You can see your grocery bill as you buy, and you can decide when to stop purchasing. No more unexpected surprises at the end of the supermarket ticket!

Online shopping allows you to compare prices between different stores. You can also see if any shop has some sale or promotion that’s convenient for your grocery budget. As you don't need to rush from store to store, you can skip to another website and select better prices where you find them. 

Maybe it takes you longer to organize yourself and purchase online for the first time. But once you've written your weekly list, you can save it on the stores' webpages under your user name. Certainly, you'll save a lot of time avoiding going to the store with your children. And you're also reducing your gas expenses!

If you need a starting point, you can go to Amazon Fresh's, FreshDirect, Safeway, and WholeFoods. You can see their offers, their stock and get a quick look without signing in. You can also look at their terms and conditions because some of them charge a monthly fee in order to deliver your groceries. Others require a yearly membership, while some offer free delivery for the first time.

Fresh food delivery services that’ll help you save time and money

By ordering your groceries online and asking for a delivery service, you'll save a lot of time. On the other hand, you may find better prices by using these services. 

When you're at home, and you know that's time to fill your fridge and pantry, you've got two options. You can either jump into the car, go to the supermarket or your local grocery store and spent a couple of hours doing your shopping or sit on your comfortable sofa and click into a webpage to fill your virtual shopping cart. After finishing your online purchase, you're free to do any other activity while waiting for the delivery. There are several delivery services and you can start taking a look at the followings:


This platform works with several local stores. By entering your zip code you'll see which stores are available in your city. You can make your grocery purchases by comparing prices from different stores, and selecting products like vegetables, meat, organics and more! You can also find exclusive coupons on hundreds of items. If you want a free delivery service, you should sign up for Instacart Express by paying $99 per year. If not, you can also choose to pay a fee for each time you make a purchase, which varies from $3.99 for orders over $35 to $7.99 on orders under $35.


Here, you'll find a huge range of products: seafood, vegetables, dairy products, meals, snacks and even prepared foods. They deliver items from local grocery shops and also from restaurants. If you're already an Amazon Prime member, you can try AmazonFresh for a month with no extra cost. Afterward, you have to pay a fee from $299 per year, in order to receive unlimited free deliveries on orders over $50 and an AmazonPrime membership.


You can try this delivery service for free by entering the code EASY7 in your first order. You'll find good prices in seasonal products, like fruits and vegetables. They don't charge annual fees, so you'll have to pay $12.95 for delivery on orders under $150, and $9.95 for delivery on orders over $150. But if you include five "participating products" in your order, delivery is free!


You should enter your zip code to check if Peapod works in your area. This platform offers affordable prices compared to what you'd find at your local grocery store. However, you need to spend at least $60 on each order, and the delivery cost around $7. You can choose to pick up your order and, in that case, they'll charge you only $2.95 for packing your groceries.

A meal in a box

Blue Apron, HelloFresh, Plated and Sun Basket are some of the many options that you can choose when you want to prepare a special meal or an original dessert. These delivery services offer a box with a recipe and all the ingredients you'll need to cook it. You can subscribe to any of them to get suggestions, offers, and promo

Save 30% on groceries and help eliminate food waste!

Did you know that tons of edible food goes to waste every day, because of simply shallow reasons? You can take advantage of this and buy it through this amazing company.

Imperfect Foods was born in 2015 with a solid goal: to build a better food system for everyone by eliminating food waste. They simultaneously help producers, consumers and, well, the planet. You can buy all sorts of healthy, seasonal products that are qualified as “imperfect” and therefore rejected by grocery stores. Compared to store prices, they charge up to 30% less!

There are different reasons why food might be considered “imperfect”. Maybe some fruits and vegetables don’t look as good on the outside as stores expect them to do. This doesn’t mean that they taste bad!

It's also possible that many products don’t qualify the specifications set by the buyers because they get light bumps or cracks during the harvesting or packaging process. Imperfect Foods rescues these products, which are perfectly good to eat but aren’t as aesthetically pleasing. For homemade meals, they are an excellent choice!! 

Many stores refrain from stocking products whose expiration date is near. They’re called “short-coded” and usually go to waste. You can choose from a list of 30 to 40 produce items and 160 grocery staples on a weekly basis.

You can customize your weekly grocery list with both organic and traditional products. You’ll receive a text when they’re delivered at your doorstep. If you want to know whether this company delivers in your state, enter your ZIP code on their website.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Imperfect Foods may experience some delivery delays, but they’re following all sanitary procedures in order to cover the high demands. They’ve taken some extra safety measures, such as not ringing your bell and not receiving back any Imperfect boxes, which they encourage customers to recycle.

Do you want to read more about grocery shopping savings? Don´t miss this article!

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