Garage Sale: organize it and win some extra cash!

Garage Sale: organize it and win some extra cash!

For some reason, we all tend to hold on to things we no longer use. If you take a good look around your house, you’ll definitely find items you could easily get rid of. And if you have a garage sale, you could get some money in return.


Garage sales are a win-win for people who want to declutter their homes and for those looking to buy treasures at very low prices.  But as simple as it may sound, these sales need to be carefully organized to be successful. These are the steps you should follow to achieve it:

1. Choose the right date

Choosing the right day is probably the most important thing of all. If the chosen date is not carefully thought out, no one will come. A summer day at noon, a weekday in the early morning, or Super Bowl Sunday are days when most probably no one will show up.

2. Check the weather forecast

A very hot day, a very cold day, and especially a rainy day are things you want to avoid. Choose the date (or time) of your sale taking this into account.

3. Advertise your sale

You may have the best things to sell but if no one knows about it you’ll never have buyers for them. You can go the traditional route and put a small advertisement in the local and daily newspapers in your area, you can post some signs in your own front yard, but nowadays the most efficient publicity is probably online advertising.

4. Picking and pricing your inventory

All these things are important to have a successful garage sale, but it really all comes down to selling interesting things. Be careful to choose items that are in good condition and give them prices that will be attractive to possible buyers. Remember people who attend these sales are looking to pay a lot less than they would pay regularly or online.


A garage sale is all about getting rid of unwanted things but still getting some money out of it. Of course, if you have valuable items you no longer need, you should probably sell them on eBay or similar platforms and leave those inexpensive easy-to-sell items for the garage sale:

1. Get things done before the sale

The less rushing around your garage sale, the less you will stress over it. Get things set up the day before and wrap a tarp around items so people won’t stop by before you are actually officially on sale. Take your time to display items and keep in mind that it’s ok if you don’t sell everything in just one morning.

2. Price accordingly

This is a garage sale. As such, items displayed there are the ones you want to get rid of. You don’t want to build wealth out selling this stuff, you just want them out of your house. Why do we mention this? Because you need to price those items accordingly. And by that, we mean cheap. 

All items on a garage sale should be items you have no problem letting go. A technique that never fails when it comes to selling fast during a garage sale is: if someone makes an offer, take it. Simple as that.

3. Be organized

The best strategy to succeed at garage sales is organization. Make sure all items are marked, so people won’t be asking the price of an item every five minutes. One strategy is to display similar items together, for example, all kitchen stuff on a table, clothing and accessories on another rack, etc. Another strategy is to group items depending on their price, so all 50 cent items are together, whether they belong in the kitchen or in the closet.

4. Make sure everything is clean

Even if takes a while before all the items are ready to be displayed, make sure everything is clean. Nobody will want to buy a vintage set of china if there are coffee stains all over it. This is particularly important if you are selling clothes. Wash them first. It might sound like a bummer, but it is definitely a good idea. Make sure everything looks pretty.

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