Free apps to make money Free apps to make money

Free apps to work out and make money

The main reasons why many people don’t exercise is their lack of time and motivation. Usually, there’s a bigger concern for financial stability, which requires a job to earn money. If this is your case, these apps can be the solution.

The most interesting thing about apps that will give you money or any other kind of compensation for working out is that they provide a double solution for the problem mentioned earlier. You’ll get a motivation to stay fit and healthy and, as it consists of extra earnings, you won’t have to sacrifice the possibility of having another income by working out. There’s also the possibility to get a part-time job that combines health and money.

Even if you’re not struggling financially, these apps have proven that money is a big incentive for almost everyone, which can raise your chances to achieve your weight loss goals. They’re also the perfect way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as they make working out more profitable and interesting that just sitting around.


In order to earn SweatCoins, you’ll have to walk or run outside. Yes, this app also makes you go outside, away from the treadmill and towards nature and fresh air. You’ll receive 0.95 SweatCoins for every 1,000 steps, which you can then exchange for many different items offered on the app. But remember to turn off the battery saver and don’t force quit the app, or you risk not getting your steps counted.

If you’re interested, there are other apps like this one, that’ll pay you to walk.


This app motivates you to run by making you bet money on yourself. Like any bet, the bigger the amount you give, the higher the rewards will be if you achieve your goals. If you don’t, you won’t receive your money back, which can be a pretty effective incentive! There is a prize calculator to check your potential earnings, and you can choose between a solo-mode or a Team Challenge.

DietBet and StepBet

As they share their creators, these apps work similarly. They both include games where you place bets and, if you reach your goals and win, you get to divide the pot with the other winners. The first app focuses on weight loss and has a simple, effective, and private mechanism for you to submit photos to verify you’re not cheating. The second one’s focused on steps, and you’ll receive personalized goals to follow.

Charity Miles

With this app, you won’t earn the money, but you’ll donate it instead. You must use your smartphone to track your movements and you get to decide which charity will receive your money. There’s the possibility to run, cycle, or walk with friends and family -alone or in teams.

If you’re more focused on walking, here are 5 apps that will pay you for it!

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