Food subscription boxes: wasteful or awesome?

Food subscription boxes: wasteful or awesome?

Food subscription boxes are a new way to make young professionals learn to cook and also for long time parents looking for new meals to feed their families. But are they a good plan? Let's find out if they are wasteful or awesome. 

Food subscriptions boxes are conformed by armed pack of food and ingredients used to prepare a specific dish. There are a variety types of these interesting and delicious plans.

Benefits of these suscriptions

The convenience of having everything shipped directly to your home, reduces stress and automatically convert this a good option for food shopping. Besides that, you don’t need to go to the grocery store, or worry about if you have the skills to actually prepare any food. There's also the case where you go to the store and can forget any ingredient you need for your food, but food subscription boxes include each and every ingredient that you may need for your recipe.

Finally, this introduces you into a new world of recipes and ingredients you may have never considered before, you don't need to spend hours looking for the recipe or shopping picking up all you need.

But is it worth it? 

Most meal subscription boxes cost about $10 per person per meal. If you plan to use your suscription for make dinner every night od the month, the expense would be unreasonable. It is true that it gives us a lot of comfort, but it is the price that could make it not such a feasible option. 

While a meal subscription box can definitely ease some stress during busy times or introduce you to your next favorite meal, you can save it for just for special ocations, because you’ll save a lot of money when you do your own grocery shopping.

If you are still interested on these suscriptions boxes, you can always opt for the lowest plan, but considering to buy your own ingredients the next time you’re ready to make that dish.

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