Find out some tips to save money on breakfast

Find out some tips to save money on breakfast

A delicious breakfast doesn't always have to be synonymous with a big expense... With these tips, you will learn how to have a banquet in the mornings, for less!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The first bite of energy you get to get through all that routine that awaits you. Sometimes you don’t notice how important it is for your breakfast to be nutritious and enjoyable.

You may not know that there are some ways to save some money and still enjoy delicious and varied well-made breakfasts. Here are some!

Bring your own mug to your favorite coffee shop

Not going to make coffee? Many coffee shops and cafes offer discounts for customers who bring their own mugs or travel mugs. Even if it's just ten-cents, you'll save a dollar over ten days, which is something.

Use frozen peaches, mangos, strawberries, blueberries, kale and more

Blend your own smoothie instead of buying one out

If you're in the habit of grabbing a morning smoothing regularly, stop, get a blender, and stock up on frozen and fresh fruit to re-create your own.

Frozen peaches, mangos, strawberries, blueberries, kale and more should all be readily available in your supermarket's freezer aisle, add in some yogurt or nut milk, juice or water, and ice and you're ready to go. Further, the fruit won't go to waste as it won't go bad in the freezer.

You'll save so much money just by boiling eggs yourself

Boil your own eggs

Individually cooked hard boiled eggs can be obscenely expensive, and you'll save so much money just by boiling them yourself. According to Harvest Public Media, as of the first few months of 2018, eggs cost roughly $1.06 to $1.12 for a dozen. Compare this to spending $1 or so for an individual egg and you'll definitely want to boil your own.

But how? Boil an entire dozen at once by covering them in a pot with an inch of cold water, boiling them for 8-10 minutes (depending on how hard you like your yolks) and dropping them in an ice bath. They should last in the fridge for a whole week.

Fruit makes for a cheap breakfast option

Fruit is not a bad breakfast, in fact, it's what plenty of nutritionists eat every morning. It's a great source of fiber and paired with some nut butter or cheese, includes protein as well. If you commute, grab an apple, banana, or berries on your way into the office and have a tub of peanut butter or Greek yogurt ready to go to DIY your own parfait.

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