5 everyday items you can get for less at a drugstore

Here are some expert tips to get everyday items for less (or for free!) at drugstores.

Christie Hardcastle, owner of the drugstore deal websites Wild for Wags and Wild for CVS, revealed her tricks to pay as little as possible (or even getting for free) some items at drugstores. 

With a combination of coupons, sale prices and in-store promotions, she is an expert saver. If you don’t have enough time to plan your shopping keeping all these things in mind, stick to these items that are usually cheaper in a drugstore:

1-    Cereal

Drugstores usually have cereal deals because at is a rather expensive item, having it a discounted prices brings more people to the store. If you are near an Aldi store, then buy your cereal there because it’s usually cheaper, but if you are not, then head to the drugstore!

2-    Shampoo and conditioner

These two products are usually on sale at drugstores, and the best part is that you can stock them up, so whenever you find a great deal, just buy a bunch of them. If you happen to be able to combine a sale with a coupon or a cash rebate, then you will end up paying practically nothing for these items.

3-    Dairy and eggs

You might be able to save almost $1 on each product, according to Hardcastle, although prices vary depending on your location. For some reason, these products are cheaper in a drugstore than in a grocery store.

4-    Cosmetics

Drugstores offer plenty of great cosmetics options for you to choose from, and they usually do it at better prices than in other stores. If you find the right coupons, you can also find excellent makeup almost for free.

5-    Toothbrushes and toothpaste

These two things are always on sale in drugstores, and as every other item on this list, you can get them for even less with coupons. Actually, Hardcastle says she can barely remember the last time she paid for these items. Use the same strategy as with shampoo and conditioner: stock up while they are cheap!

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