Ethical and affordable fashion is possible and this is how!

There are two things about fashion that we need to learn once and for all: it can be ethical and it can definitely be affordable.

Is it possible to look good without breaking the bank? The answer is yes!  And is it possible to do it ethically, too? the answer is also yes! Fast fashion is perfect for consumers because it means exactly that: affordable pieces that last one season and that's all. But if you look at the price tag of ethical or long-lasting items, then the price tag can be daunting.

However, there are amazing options out there. Here are a few:


This brand makes its pieces with eco-friendly, organic, and GOTS certified fabric. They offer a wide range of soft, long-lasting basics, and for everyone in the family: babies, toddlers, teens, and adults. Affordable and high-quality, this is certainly a great option. 


They offer organic bamboo pieces, the plants are grown in China in accordance with the International Organic Standards. The fabric is also free from chemical pesticides, so their items are hypoallergenic and breathable.

Happy Earth

Happy Earth is built around protecting the planet. It sources sustainable and organic materials, uses recycled & recyclable packaging, and empowers its customers to give back with every purchase. When you shop at Happy Earth, you’re putting people and planet first “because when it comes to the planet, we actually give a damn.”

Alternative Apparel

Ideal for those looking for bargains. They use recycled materials and processes whenever possible while manufacturing. But they not only mind the materials they use, making sure they are eco-friendly but also make sure their employees work in safe environments and earn fair wages.

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