Backyard transformation on a budget Backyard transformation on a budget

DIY: backyard transformation on a budget!

Do you feel that you need some change in your backyard but this could be too much for your budget? Find out how you can do it and get a great result.

About the video:

"Matt & I are throwing our first house party EVER and our backyard needed a major DIY makeover! I'm obsessed with how it turned out!

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What do you think of the backyard?? I'm literally so proud of this $300 DIY makeover I feel like Mr. Kate lol I honestly can't believe someone wanted me to pay them $600 just to install the lights!! This backyard project could have definitely been cheaper if I did my research and bought my things at Amazon or somewhere else, but I was desperate! Here are the supplies I used for this DIY:


DIY Backyard Light Supplies:

- Cup Hooks:

- Drill with Drill bits(not necessary):

- Outdoor Backyard Lights:


DIY Backyard Cabana Supplies:

- Curtain Rods (nail in):

- Curtain Rods (screw in):

- Drop Cloth:

- Clip Hooks:"


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