Effective ways to save money when dining out

Effective ways to save money when dining out

Going out to eat saves you from that pile of dirty dishes, but it doesn’t save you any money. Unless you apply these techniques to reduce costs!

Although a good meal prepared at home is wonderful, going out to eat something different will always be a temptation.

If you're in a savings-mode, you'll probably avoid dining out as much as possible, because we know how much gathering all those bills becomes a big expense.

But it doesn't hurt to know a few ways to save so that these special occasions are not such a blow to your wallet. Let's see!

Get the birthday discount.

Multiply this deal by however many people are in your family. If you already know where you want to go on your special day, sign up for their online birthday club now. Then on your big day, you can bask in all the perks. Happy birthday to you!

Lunch dates are awesome

Do a lunch date instead.

Lunch is awesome. Not only is it cheaper, but you can also usually get extras like a soup or salad with your meal for less than the price of a main dish at dinnertime. If you want to go out at night, opt for a less expensive alternative like ice cream or coffee.

Cut down on convenience buys.

Let’s be real, the biggest drain on our restaurant budget comes from quick and impulse buys. You know the type: easy drive-through orders, last-minute pizza deliveries, and the inevitable “I don’t feel like cooking” dinner at the local Mexican restaurant.

Move your Saturday night hang to the middle of the week

Go on a Monday or Tuesday.

The first few days of the week are notoriously slow for restaurants. Because of this, they’ll usually offer specials to entice customers to fill their booths. Move your Saturday night hang to the middle of the week and you can eat a meal you already love at a better price.

Skip the appetizer.

If your restaurant of choice offers free bread or chips and salsa, you may not need an appetizer to leave satisfied. Enjoy a generous helping of bottomless bread or chips and put that extra $9 toward your main entrée.

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