Easy and Delicious: Camping Hot Dogs on a budget!

Easy and Delicious: Camping Hot Dogs on a budget!

Just 3 ingredients and 5 steps. It can't get any easier!

This is maybe one of the easiest recipes we have shared on the site. Let's start right now!


(for 6 servings)


Camping Hot Dogs on a budget!


1- Insert a skewer into a hot dog. Cut a spiral by holding your knife at a diagonal to the top of the hot dog and rolling it down along a cutting board until you reach the bottom.

2- Wind a strip of cheese into the spiral groove on the hot dog. You may need 2 strips of cheese to fill the entire spiral.

3- Lay a strip of pizza dough on a cutting board and place the end of the hot dog skewer on a diagonal. Gently roll the hot dog in the dough, ensuring that the dough overlaps so no cheese leaks through. Gently remove the skewer and loosely wrap the hot dog in a sheet of foil so the dough has room to expand as it cooks. Repeat with the remaining hot dogs and dough.

4- Place the hot dogs over low heat on a campfire or grill. Let them cook for 10 minutes, check to see that the dough has puffed, then flip over to cook through, about 10 minutes more.

5- Let the hot dogs cool for a few minutes before carefully unwrapping, then serve with ketchup, mustard, relish, and onion.

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