Double cheeseburger recipe Double cheeseburger recipe

DIY: Double cheeseburger recipe for you to make them at home

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About the video:

"Double cheese burger | Mcdonald's copycat recipe

The double cheese burger is iconic with those big yellow arches. It's simple, but it does taste good. I very rarely eat Mcdonald's though, as for some reason, it plays havoc with my body. I normally feel sick, and just generally not very good at all after having one.

So I've come to the conclusion, that the only way to remedy this problem is to make my own. Now when it comes to a good cheeseburger, I am very much a purist. I've seen far too many gourmet type burgers, with all sorts of things piled on them, like onion rings, blue cheese, even foie gras....FOIE GRAS! I'm of the opinion that simplicity works best with a cheeseburger, and the question I would ask myself when thinking about adding loads of extras is...will it make it better, and if the answer is 'i'm not sure', then it probably won't.

American processed cheese is the cheese of choice for any self respecting cheeseburger, as it just works, plain and simple. Yes you could add all sorts of different cheeses, but it just isn't the same. Yep, I know it's not real cheese, but it is good.

To make my Mcdonalds copycat double cheeseburger you will need:

►450g (1lb) of really high grade steak mince (ground beef)

►1/2 a small white onion

►1-2 Gherkins (pickles)

►4 slices of processed cheese

►2 soft white burger buns


►American mustard

►Salt & pepper"

If you want to see more videos, here's his YouTube Channel.

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