Don´t overspend on renewing your wardrobe! Don´t overspend on renewing your wardrobe!

Don´t overspend on renewing your wardrobe!

If you like to have new outfits, you don't need to sacrifice your desires because of a tight budget. There are ways to reduce costs when buying clothes and shoes.

If you've got friends that have similar clothing sizes, you can propose them to swap clothes with you. That would be a win-win scenario for both of you if neither one has enough money to renew their wardrobes with new items. You can also borrow some outfits for special occasions, like a party or a job interview.

You can go and take a look at thrift stores. These stores sell new and second-hand clothes, and you may find really good deals there. Many even offer weekly specials or regular sales. Check on your area if there’s one nearby and if you've never gone inside, now it's the perfect time to do it!

You can look at the clearance sales in your favorite stores. There are often at the back in signaled racks, or in clothes-baskets. If you're an online shopper, you can also look for them on the brands’ pages. Clearance items have great discounts, don’t miss any of them!

Discount stores like Ross and Marshalls have lots of interesting prices on clothes, as they sell overstock and slightly imperfect pieces from other retailers. You can try them on to check if they suit you, and then check that they’re in good shape. If you're looking for some classic outfit, like a plain sweater or a hoodie, you can go to the men's and the kid's section, which are usually less expensive than women's.

You need some time to spare in order to go to an outlet mall, as you'll have to walk a lot and check many stores to find what you need. The main upside is that you can find many brands in one place, each with great deals to take advantage of. Check the labels to see if the clothes need special care like dry-clean-only. Try to pick only the machine-washables clothes and save money in advance.

If you like to know more efficient ways to save money on clothing, don´t miss this article!

Hunting for shoe sales?

There’s a huge variety of sandals, boots, and shoes in the market, whose qualities vary a lot. That's one of the reasons why there's a big range of prices. The first thing to take into consideration when buying shoes is to go for good quality. This way, you’ll be sure that they will be comfortable and they’ll last longer.  

How to recognize if they're good quality shoes? When it comes to some branded items you can trust the seller. But non-popular brands can also have good material and good making in their products. You should choose those with stitched seams over the glued ones. The shoes should have a thick interior lining, which will protect and cushion your feet. Good quality shoes also have a thick, grooved tread to improve traction. 

When buying new shoes, try to stick to the traditional. Pick those ones that fit with your outfits and that you can wear on any occasion, whether you’re going to the movies or you want something to wear for a job interview

A good trick to save on shoe purchases is to go offseason. Simply wait until the end-of-season clearance reaches your favorite stores! You can also look for shoe sales in stores like Marshalls or Ross, that sell overstock and slightly imperfect pieces from other retailers.

In the same way, you can go to outlet stores in order to find good deals, You may find perfectly new shoes from previous seasons that branded stores didn't sell. You could save 50% of the original price in shoes and sandals that have been on the rack for a long time.

Shop flash sales are great opportunities to find good quality shoes for affordable prices. You can sign up online in order to receive the shop's short sales'notifications. They last only a couple of hours, so you need to be prepared to shop.

Coupons will always be your allies when it comes to purchasing all kinds of products. You can find them on websites or sometimes at the store where you're looking to buy your footwear. Retail stores give many promo codes, from which you can easily benefit!

Surfing online can also be a great tool. Not only because stores offer their products there for a lower price since they don't need to cover the expenses of a physical store, but also because you can easily compare prices on the Internet. It's simpler to open many different websites from several stores, than going back and forth from store to store looking for the lowest prices.

A part of saving money on shoes is simply buying less of them. How many shoe pairs do you really need? It's usually enough to own three or four that are generic and "all-purpose". If you do sport, add a pair of sneakers. If you regularly attend formal events, have one fancy pair to wear on these occasions. The key is to purchase shoes that'll match any outfit you already own.

If you find yourself in a situation when you need a certain type of shoes, consider borrowing or renting them. This is especially advisable if you don't plan on ever using those shoes again. Why spend a lot of money if they're going to end up at the bottom of your drawer? It's better to ask a family member or a friend for a pair that'll fit you, or rent them from some special occasion rental stores.

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